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WILLIAM STEPHENS (wmsphotography)


Headshots start at $200.00 and include online proofing for product selection. Headshots can utilize a white, black, gray or a natural background.

Family Portraits
Family portraits start at $400.00 for a two-hour session and include online proofing for product selection. Family portraits are photographed on-location.

CEO Portraits
CEO portraits start at $550.00 for a two-hour session and include online proofing for product selection. CEO portraits are photographed on-location, preferably in the CEO’s facility.


I capture a variety of photojournalism, focusing on beauty, details and formal pictures based on personal style/ Prior to the shoot we will discuss all the details and plan out your photo shoot. I prefer to shoot several outfits and setting changes if available (I welcome your creativity & ideas). I edit all of the images and post them on my site in a secure password protected folder within 7 days after the shoot for your review. I can also shoot on location or at your home ( travel fees apply based on distance).

ENGAGEMENT PHOTO SHOOT $350.00 - $450.00

Location, Location, Location. Choosing the location should be all about you to capture your story. This is your time to have fun together – go nuts – flirt – be romantic. I prefer to talk out a concept before we settle on a location and style of your shoot. Then decide on what you will wear to match the location. This 2 hour session includes online proofing for product selection

Musicians Press Shots
Press shot, photography sessions start at $400 and includes online proofing for product selection. Press shot photography is done on-location where the musician is most comfortable.

Live Concert
Live concert photography session’s start at $800 and includes online proofing for product selection.

Residential real estate photography sessions start at $200 /2500 square feet and includes online proofing for product selection.

Commercial real estate photography sessions start at $450.00 and include online proofing for product selection.

Commercial Photography
Landscape photography sessions start at $400 and include online proofing for product selection.

I’d love to be your photographer, and thank you for your interest in my work! I offer “a la carte” as well as packages. Please e-mail me using the contact link below details along with some basic information. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

I am a native of Chicago with years of experience in a number of fields:

-26 years working and volunteering in various aspects of the Fire Service and retiring in 2000 as Deputy director of Mchenry County ESDA with certifications in communications, incident operations, hazardous materials, weather operations and disaster planning.

-Managed and worked numerous disaster scenes including plane crashes, train
accidents, tornado events, large structure fires and rescue operations.
Still performs communications consulting for Mchenry County EMA.
City of McHenry, IL Emergency Manager for 5 years.

- Photographer for the last 45 years using film, digital and video formats and was initially trained in photo media by the chief photographer of a former major Chicago Newspaper.

METRO NEWS NETWORK - Chief Photojournalist Chicago, IL & Milwaukee, WI

- Amateur Radio Operator and Holder of a FCC General Radio Telephone License.
- Member International Fire Photographers Association (IFPA).
- Member International Organization of Fire Photographers (IOFP)
- Certified member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers and worked as a remote production engineer.
- N.A.R.T.E. Certified Engineer 1st class with telecommunications endorsements.
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